Where to Find Qsymia the New Weight Loss Medicine for Obesity

With all the rave reviews, more people that are obese want to know where to find Qsymia the newly approved drug for obesity. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had approved the new medication for the doctors to have a different treatment option for their obese patients. This is good news, as the FDA has not approved any medications for obesity in over ten years until the Qsymia came out with a promising future and one that does not have so many side effects when taken. However, it is important to know that Qsymia is not a quick fix drop off the weight in days or even a month.

As with all medications, your doctor will do a physical and make sure that the new medicine is going to be safe for each individual patient. Qsymia is for someone whom is substantially overweight and suffers from weight related health problems.

Vivus Company is who produced the new FDA approved weight loss medication. The company is in California and the main thing that the company is stressing is that this is not a miracle weight loss. Additionally, this is not for someone whom only needs to lose a few pounds. This medicine is for the morbidly obese and for people with obesity that lacks effective pharmacological help.
The medication made for patients whom have had weight problems throughout their life and cannot lose the weight. As the extreme weight can and does cause undue stress on the person’s health and body. Moreover, the risk of being obese causes health problems such as the heart, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, little to no activity, which can cause blood clots, and several other health problems, especially heart attacks. With excess weight, the body has to work harder than others whom are not obese.

The FDA’s official recommendation is that Qsymia is not prescribed to anyone whose body mass index (BMI) is less than thirty or more. The only exception to this rule is if the patient has, weight related health problems, and their BMI is at least twenty-seven. However, as mentioned this is only if there is looming weight related health problems. Moreover, if the patient is pregnant or nursing than you cannot use this new medication. Any woman who is taking Qsymia that can become pregnant must take an official pregnancy test every month ordered by the FDA.
Therefore, if you are wondering where to find Qsymia you must go to the doctor and the doctor will then order tests, measuring of your body mass index and a full physical before the doctor can say you are a candidate for this medicine as a weight loss alternative. Remember if you are a female, you have to have pregnancy testing monthly in order to take the new weight loss medicine.you can read more about this at Qsymia.ca