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NMN SL – Sublingual Powder with Sweetener


Understand What You Intake

Sometimes these complex looking scientific terms and abbreviations can puzzle a person so I’ve decided to simplify some of the basic things you need to know before you decide on what steps you need to take for your health.


Sublingual administration or SL is a pharmacological phenomenon where the drug is diffused into the bloodstream through a mucous membrane. This medication is done through the mouth and this mucous membrane is situated in the small pocket under the tongue. It requires the person taking the drug to hold the tablet, powder etc. in their mouth for a while so that the chemicals are dissolves into the blood.


And NMN, in medical terms, stands for Nicotinamide Mononucleotide which is a type of vitamin which plays a role of life extension and longevity in cells.


Furthermore, Alive By Nature labs has made use of Mannitol sugar alcohol for sweetening purposes in the product.


For more reference and clarity, be sure to take a peek here!


What We Provide

NMN SL – Sublingual Powder with Sweetener is a new product on behalf of the brand Alive By Nature. It is an anti-aging supplement product which involves the use of Mannitol.


Mannitol is a type of sugar alcohol used with the purpose of sweetening and medication. It is also taken by people with acute kidney failures for the production of urine, otherwise known as “manna sugar.” Not only does it sweeten the powder but also help fasten the conveyance through the small intestine and eases the integration of the content in the blood stream.


Alive By Nature provides 12 grams per each bottle of NMN SL – Sublingual Powder product. The bottle consists 12 grams of nothing more but 100 percent NMN Powder so rest assured. Each scoop contains 125 mgs of content which means roughly 96 dosages per bottle. ABN tends to justify the price, which is a mere $69.95 for 96 dosages of pure NMN.


Of course, ABN recognizes the need to stay completely free of any artificialities and it presents you this 100% natural product. Not to mention it also does not involve any genetic alterations of any kind is fully gluten free as well.


If you are concerned or troubled that ABN may have possibly used organic material in the production process, rest assured, this Sublingual Powder is vegan-friendly too.